«Теміртау балалар мен жасөспірімдер театры» КМҚК
КГКП «Темиртауский театр для детей и юношества»


Lazy Feodor threw household chores. The ware in dirt, and is a find for cockroaches. These red prankishes abduct ware to ruin to Feodor … But the fairy tale is a surprising world of miracles and transformations. In it the good overcomes the evil, and courage overcomes any obstacles. Performance it is filled with music, dances and miracles.

The spring came, snow thawed, there was a sun, forest animals woke up from hibernation, all rejoice to arrival of a new warm season, but only not the Fox. Its lodge thawed because was from ice, and then the Fox decides to find to herself the new house. As events developed further, you will be told by characters of the fairy tale.

On a mill the ghost lodged. There was no rest at the miller. Suffers from not demand and a ghost. But there were robbers and everything was formed to the best.

The play where against a rural life the present human drama is played. Performance shows acts of people from the point of view of animals. And the problem was not simple – what to do with very young Dasha's unexpected pregnancy? And than this ended, at first sight simple history …

In the performance center private life of the architect, it opened a way how not to marry and love three girls at the same time. and that brides didn't meet girls have to be stewardesses. Appointments have to take place according to the ferroconcrete schedule. But it is impossible to foresee everything. That from this it turned out … The true love turned out.