It is based in 1989 on the basis of the building of the German drama theater, after moving of theater to the city of Almaty. Earlier in this building the palace of culture of Metallurgists of the city of Temirtau, the Academic theater of the musical comedy before its moving to the city of Karaganda, the German drama theater and since 1989 Temirtausky theater for children and youth settled down.

Preservation of theatrical culture of Temirtau, creation of theater completely focused on the young viewer in the Karaganda region was the purpose of opening of theater. The first theatrical season was open on November 24, 1990 by the performance "Nonsense Suitcase" according to the O. Petrushevskoy play. For the first theatrical season the following performances were put: "Nonsense suitcase", "Ai and brother rabbit", "Guilty though guiltless", "Bird turtle-dove", "Small tragedies". Sources of troupe of theater had actors: Avramenko V. M., Ivantsev S. V., Korastelev N. A. Kashirin N. G., Kashuro A.S. Maltsev N. V., Maskalyuk M. N., Nemirovich-Danchenko B. G., Sytin N. K. Sakantsev I.P., Shor N. Ya. Krugel A.A.

The significant contribution to formation of theater made: Korastylev V. N. – 1989-1993 years (theater director); S.P. – 1995-2004 years Is young. (theater directors); Sining Yu. – 1989-1994 years; (hl. director) Sokolova E.A. ( – 2002-2004 years, Dolinenko M. M (hl. the director of 2004 - 2009) Main artists :1989 – 1991 of Osipenko A.I. since 1991 - 1993 - Sinitsina L.A. since 1994 to the present of Skokov L.P.

From only 1991 for 2010 at theater statement of 110 performances was carried out. In the current repertoire of theater 22 performances. These are performances on the basis of children's, classical, modern, foreign and Kazakhstan dramatic art. In a year the theater gives on the average 210 performances, they are visited by more than 30 thousand audience. During the existence the theater left on tours and festivals, as in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and abroad. 1990 – Zhezkazgan, Satpayev, 1991 – Barnaul, 1993 – Sterlitamak, 2001, 2003 – Almaty, 2003, 2006, 2008 – Dneprodzerzhinsk, 2008 - Uralsk, 2010 - Pavlodar. Is at theater and the victories: The first Republican blitz festival of the comedy of 2001 (Almaty) – the Third award and a special prize "For courage and devotion to theatrics."

The V International festival "Classics Today" of 2003 (Ukraine, Dneprodzerzhinsk) - a victory in the nomination "The Best Young Actor" - an art. O. Kerimov in the bus performance "Trouble from Gentle Heart" V. Sologub.

The VI International festival "Classics Today" of 2006 (Ukraine, Dneprodzerzhinsk) – a victory in the nomination "The Best Female Role" an art. Ryspayeva U. (for an impersonation the Bayan Sula) and in the nomination "The Best Male Role of the Second Plan" an art. Drozdetsky Century (for an impersonation of Kodar Range) in the bus performance "The Poem about Love" G. Musrepov. The VII International festival "Classics Today" of 2008 (Ukraine, Dneprodzerzhinsk) – a special prize of jury of the "For Integrity of Female Actor's Ensemble" festival in the performance "Hole" on a performance of the story of A.Kuprin of the same name. The special diploma of jury of the VIII International theatrical festival "Classics Today", "For the Prompt Creative Growth and Creation of Festive Mood at the Audience" - 2011.

In 2007 the theater is awarded a special prize of the union of theatrical figures of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the performance "Turquoise Ringlet" directed by M. N. Maskalyuk, at 15 Republican theatrical festival.

The theater is four times owner Gran-Pri at the Regional festival "Theatre Eyes of Children" Karaganda, annually carried out under patronage of the Karaganda Management of Culture. Today the troupe of theater consists of 24 actors. The creative structure of theater is young. 30% of troupe are young actors aged till 30 years. Long time at theater his leading actors it work: V.Homutov, V. Levterov, V. Shmatenko, K.Snegiryov, G. Chupakh, F.Germes, S. Fedorenko, U.Ryspayev, master of a scene M. N. Maskalyuk and N.K.Sytina. Direct theater: The director - Drozdetsky Century of Century.

The main director of theater – Maskalyuk M. N., the Art director of theater – Skokova L.P. one of the oldest employees of theater, it is awarded by a medal of the Ministry of Culture, Akim's award of the Karaganda region "Best theatrical artist of 2006". Manager. production part of theater - Soboleva N. L. ; zav.truppy theater-Ageeva of N. And. works at theater from the moment of its basis. The building of theater being a monument of architecture, is in old part of Temirtau, with located in it: specially equipped scenic platform equipped with the modern light and sound equipment, the auditorium on 270 places and the Small Hall on 70 places.