It is based in 1989 on the basis of the building of the German drama theater, after moving of theater to the city of Almaty. Earlier in this building the palace of culture of Metallurgists of the city of Temirtau, the Academic theater of the musical comedy before its moving to the city of Karaganda, the German drama theater and since 1989 Temirtausky theater for children and youth settled down.


Preservation of theatrical culture of Temirtau, creation of theater completely focused on the young viewer in the Karaganda region was the purpose of opening of theater. The first theatrical season was open on November 24, 1990 by the performance "Nonsense Suitcase" according to the O. Petrushevskoy play. For the first theatrical season the following performances were put: "Nonsense suitcase", "Ai and brother rabbit", "Guilty though guiltless", "Bird turtle-dove", "Small tragedies". Sources of troupe of theater had actors: Avramenko V. M., Ivantsev S. V., Korastelev N. A. Kashirin N. G., Kashuro A.S. Maltsev N. V., Maskalyuk M. N., Nemirovich-Danchenko B. G., Sytin N. K. Sakantsev I.P., Shor N. Ya. Krugel A.A.