«Теміртау балалар мен жасөспірімдер театры» КМҚК
КГКП «Темиртауский театр для детей и юношества»


2012-2013 years


"Three pigs" -  musical fairy tale
"doodledoo" - - - -  musical fairy tale
"The cat's house" - musical fairy tale
"The hare in love" -  musical fairy tale
"Fedorino a grief" - musical
"My dear ghost" - the fairy tale
"Once upon a time there was a Russula" - the fairy tale
"Scraps on zakoulochka" -  musical fairy tale
"All mice love cheese" - muses. fairy tale
"Goose Dorofei" - muses. fairy tale
"Beat, a bludgeon, beat! " - based on the Kazakh fairy tales
"Adventures of Kolobok" - muses. fairy tale
"Cockerel little coward" - muses. fairy tale
"I don't want to be a dog" - muses. fairy tale
"Brother Lis and the brother the Rabbit" - the cowboy's fairy tale
"New adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh" -  musical fairy tale


"How to operate the wife" - the comedy of today
"Tempted" - the tragedy
"Very simple history" - the lyrical comedy
"Tartyuf" - the comedy
"Specialists of love" - the comedy
"Trouble from gentle heart" - the vaudeville
"The Leningrad romance" - based on Arbuzov "My poor Marat"
"it's in the bag" - the juicy comedy
"lucrative post" - the comedy of modern customs
"The poem about love" - the tragedy