Performance based on the Kazakh national fairy tales directed by Syrym Askarov, the invited director. To the director and troupe

theater it was succeeded to create bright national images in combination with inimitable Kazakh color and humour

It is history which in the tragedy "Romeo and Juliette" was described by Shakespeare. Only this time main characters, mice. And here families of white and gray mice didn't accept sympathy of little mice to each other. Performance that isn't important, what color at you a skin, love and mutual understanding here that the main thing.

The comedy "Lucrative post" satirically represents life of officials in which the bribery and deception are considered as something self-evident. The young official Zhadov, trying to serve honestly, appears under such pressure of circumstances that doesn't recede nearly from the ideals. Nevertheless at the last minute, it finds forces to keep from a crime and promises "to wait for that time when the bribe taker will be afraid of court public more, than criminal". What leaves – the good wins? No! The corrupted world in the play such is that is clear to the audience: To Zhadova for a long time to wait for changes in society …

The hero tells about the events which have occurred to it six years ago. During flight something disorder in the motor of the plane and the pilot flying without the mechanic and passengers, was compelled to make landing in sand of Sahara, in one thousand miles from a civilization. Nevertheless, at sunrise he was woken by goodness knows where from undertaken little boy.

In some kingdom once upon a time there was a princess the Roll. And once the huge dragon who eats only princesses flied there! The fairy tale begins when before eating of the princess of the Roll there is one hour. Any knight didn't respond yet, And the magician the Forget-me-not everything confuses all the time and can't remember any spell against dragons in any way.
What will be farther? Whether there will be a knight who won't be afraid to battle to a dragon? Whether memory will return to the magician to the Forget-me-not? Who will rescue the princess the Roll? Who will appear the most courageous and who will be afraid?

Performance detective story where object of investigation are inside the family relations between eight women, relatives each other people.

Love as wine if not to drink it, it turns into vinegar. Performance comes to an end well, the joyful family photo, however the "acetic" relations give a reason to doubt, reflect, whether so we are honest and is sincere before the darlings, whether our love is at the bottom of murder of the loved one?

Very much the Brother wants to have dinner the Fox the Brother the Rabbit. At first it to it on a visit arises, and then and to itself invites. Cheerful fairy tale on amusing adventures of the Brother of the Rabbit, Brother Fox, Brother of the Wolf and other animals. The fairy tale full of humour, the imagination and wisdom, was fallen in love long ago to children of the whole world.