Theater team

Highest category actress, hairdresser

Diplomas and awards:

Diploma of the Department of Culture, archives and documentation of the Karaganda region in 2014.


1990-1997 Karaganda State University. Buketova, historian, teacher of history and socio-political disciplines;

2001-2005 Ekaterinburg State Theater Institute, actress of dramatic theater and cinema

Category I actress, requisite

Education: Higher, 2013-2017 - Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Art, drama actress

The actress of the highest category, the head of the literary part of the theater.


1974-1979 biennium Theater School in Sverdlovsk

1990-1995 Altai State Institute of Culture

Category I actress


Karaganda College of Arts. Tattimbeta, music theory

Karaganda College of Arts. Tattimbeta, actress of musical theater

Top Category Actor

Education: Secondary special

Diplomas and awards:

Letter of thanks of the Akim of the Karaganda region in 2014.

Actress of the II category

Education: Specialized secondary